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Women Empowerment Campaign

On Woman’s Day we release the Women Empowerment Campaign in […]

On Woman’s Day we release the Women Empowerment Campaign in collaboration with Anfisa @hearttoheartcy and photographer Loukia Hadjiyianni.

It was an honor for me working with all these women to share with the world these important messages and help women feel more comfortable and empowered in their own skin.

“On days I could not move

It was women

who came to water my feet

Until I was strong enough to stand

It was women who nourished me

back to life.”

Sisters by Rupi Kaur

We are happy, we are sad, 

we cry for no reason on some days,

We feel mad with the world

On other days we want to hug each other 

we are frustrated with one another 

we care for each other, 

We laugh

We share our struggles, our pains, our darkest thoughts

The inequalities we face every day

Should I show strength even when I want to scream?

Should I show softness?

Am I too skinny, am I too fat, 

I can’t wear those jeans today. It’s my bloating days. 

Did I hurt my girlfriend when I said that?

Do I look pretty, do I look ugly?

I see some new wrinkles today 

Am I self centered? Is my anger justified?

Will I ever be a mother?

Let’s hold each other’s hand

let’s listen, understand and learn from each other

Let’s fight together to change things

A poem for woman’s day by Natalie

Wearing the Celeste Set & Magdalene Set

Women of the campaign

Maria Efthymiou – Photographer

Gaia Zaccagni – Writer, poet, academic

Seagull Shah – Digital Marketer, Make Up Artist

Carina Popescu

Irina Povetkina

Johanna Theofanous – Business Development

Chadiya Voehringer – Psychologist