Natalia Pechlivani

Founder and Craftswoman

Miss Funky Natty is an independent lingerie brand based in Cyprus, dedicated to the design and production of lingerie.

Every piece is made in Cyprus with our team of skilled craftswomen working to produce our pieces with detail to precision.

The collection consists of soft bras with no underwire that have a natural shape instead of a sculpted one.  Also comfy panties, nightwear & loungewear.

Our Story

MissFunkyNatty originated as handmade jewellery brand in 2009. After working with garments and textiles, it felt I was able to express more of what was important to me. So, I decided to focus on making bralettes and which the brand is now recognized as such since 2016. The funky style referred to in the name, reflects the energetic personality of me, Natty. Some of my pieces are fun like the Amethyst Bra. Some are sensual, like the lace ones and some are just comfy. In my collection, you can find  pieces to wear so you will feel comfortable at home, at work or even at parties, pieces that will stimulate the senses and pieces that you can wear for a night out.

We are not interested in mass production or stock, our collection aims for custom made pieces which are consulted with you, the people. My pieces deliberately give emphasis on hand-crafted items. I feel that our work can uncover personal hidden stories, that which global mass consumption culture has deterritorialized. 

Craft feels comfortable as a way of giving meaning, which previously deemed part of a folk culture, domestic and inherently feminine. We recontextualize craft. Making for us craft women bestow our lives with a process by which we acquire meaning, problems are communicated, worked through, and finally are overcomed. It is our way of making friends, developing and contributing to communities and participating in conversations about people and material culture. 

The sustainability of the fashion industry is something that I have in mind. A fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Safe, dignified working conditions and living wages for all people working with us.

We try hard to keep our procedures and production part of the mindset of slow fashion. By that we mean using our pattern pieces in such a way that generate minimum waste. Also, several of our designs incorporate fabric remnants sourced from local tailors. Like the Josephine Set and Magdalene Set


Our work aims to contribute to a world of enchantment, lost into alienation. I want to rediscover passion not as aggressive acts of domination but as vulnerable entities. Reinventing new forms of passion can allow our rediscovery of emotional strength and intelligence, a culture of strength through understanding and empathy. New forms of passion that make us own our memories, be loyal to our friends, our feelings and expand our capacity to love in a way that mobilizes our entire self . It is an alternative message to modern individuality, which suggests that we find love without being open enough to experience it, without allowing ourselves to fall.

We use different media to pass on our emotions. In a way, our work is such media, which encapsulates the message.

Love as a creation, love as a driving force, being enchanted with the world without idealizing. Love as vulnerability, conscious that humans might inevitably let us down but nonetheless feel the necessity to love, to allow ourselves to be dependent on other human beings. Depend on our capacity to give love. 

A new language

Miss Funky Natty’s vision is not only an empowerment of the woman’s experience, to break stereotypes about the female body. It is more about trying to invent an alternative, a feminine language which does not adhere to old binaries.