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Jo Charalambous

Jo Charalambous is a Cypriot artist residing in the UK. She takes inspiration from her homeland, Cyprus. Her work boasts vibrant color and themes of empowerment and feminism. […]

Chara Kontopoulou

Meet Chara Kontopoulou, a visual artist, based in Cyprus. Her abstract paintings incorporates layering of materials to create a pseudo-three dimensional effect. Chara received her BA of Visual […]

Interview with Natalia Pechlivani for Ecomoda

We had a brief talk in the studio for the Ecomoda Project, in which we delved into the intricacies of my work and explored the pressing topic of […]

Φωνές Γυναικών: Ομάδα Γιασεμίν

Το Γιασεμίν είναι μια ομάδα νέων γυναικών δημιουργών που έχουν ως βάση τους την Κύπρο. Επιθυμία τους είναι να απελευθερώσουν τη Τέχνη από παραδοσιακές και συμβατικές αντιλήψεις έτσι ώστε […]

Φωνές Γυναικών: Αναστασία Δημητριάδου

Για την φετινή μέρα της Γυναίκας, ήρθα σε επαφή με 3 γυναίκες από διαφορετικούς χώρους για να μοιραστούν μαζί μας τις δικές τους φωνές. Η Αναστασία Δημητριάδου γνωστή […]

Emily Cutler

Meet Emily, a dancer/performer based in Cyprus. Hey Emily, how did you become a dancer? Tell us about your journey. I was moving and playing around with music for […]

Marisa Satsia

When I came across Marisa’s work I was very fascinated by the complexity & variety of her work and her impressive resume and I wanted to learn more […]

Elia Neophytou

We had an interesting talk with Elia Neophytou, the founder of KUZA studio, about her work and her beautiful, new collection “Lithic species“. KUZA studio was founded in […]

Vasileia Anaxagorou

Vasileia is preparing her next solo exhibition that will take place at Garage in Nicosia on Tuesday 14th of June. I have reached out to her to discuss […]

Raquel Yerolemou

Raquel Yerolemou is a Cypriot/Canadian self-taught artist that strives to make people uncomfortable through her art, be it photography or poetry.