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Elia Neophytou

We had an interesting talk with Elia Neophytou, the founder of KUZA studio, about her work and her beautiful, new collection “Lithic species“.

KUZA studio was founded in 2019.

The studio creates and designs ceramic objects that transcend traditional vessels and functions.

What is the new collection about?

Lithic species is a project conceived during the pandemic. The time I spent on nature trails helped me to disconnect from reality. I was charmed by the beauty in every stone, twig, leaf and landscape I found on my way. The colours and textures surrounding me nourished my soul and I wanted to communicate that feeling through a series of objects. I experimented with custom glazes to give a more raw texture to the products and with forms to design almost monolithic pieces.

What do you want to communicate through your work?

My main objective when designing and making a new product is to create something that can be used every day and can last for a long time. I am trying to connect the past with the future through my products and create objects that stand well on their own but also harmonize with the space that surrounds them.

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Often my work explores natural forms, architecture and spatial design. Inspiration is everywhere, the spaces we live and interact daily is a good starting point. I enjoy experimenting with the material and testing its possibilities. I think of an object and I wonder how it would look if it was made of clay.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through your work?

Giving life and shape to your idea can be scary. The uncertainty, the obstacles and fearing failure is real. Once you let things grow organically, you grow with it, you find its identity and your focus becomes more clear. I learned the importance of knowing what is the core of my work and where it belongs. 

What are your future plans regarding your work?

I want to continue creating; making things, and coming up with ideas and forms. In the near future, I would love to travel and experience different cultures working with clay.

Elia holds a BA Hons degree in Fine Arts and a MA degree in Curatorial Practice.

After returning to Cyprus she curated various exhibitions and worked with several organizations in the cultural sector.

Her passion for creating led her to found KUZA studio. Working with clay gave her the freedom she was looking for to explore forms, textures and colours.

Check more of Elia’s work in her website

KUZA studio is located in Old Nicosia , at Ektoros 47

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