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Not everyone afford holidays in the greek islands

Just a 5 minute scroll to social media is enough to feel slightly depressed.

I catch myself wondering how does everyone afford a holiday in the greek islands after this difficult one and a half year. Is there something wrong with me? Do I live in another universe?

Besides all this happy lifestyle that is passing through our screens, this year I also feel that i am becoming even more hypochondriac with all the information that we receive every day from everywhere. My thoughts are with anyone that is also struggling with all these thoughts during this pandemic.

I understand that the reality is very different from the one that we are all watching in social media. We just need to remind our self this or just have a break from social media and media in general.

As a small business owner, i try doing my best to take my business to the next step day by day in these difficult times. I definetely cannot afford the instagram holidays but i will surely have one day trips around Cyprus 🙂

Hopefully this will give strength to anyone else that is struggling with the same feelings.

I am sharing some photos from my last weekend i spend in the mountains.

My first thoughts/words on the blog 😉


Windcraft Music Festival in Katydata
Windcraft is a small music festival taking place in the village of Katydata
Duffy is definetely enjoying his vacations <3

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