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Body Positivity, a journey

On Women’s Day we release the Women Empowerment Campaign in collaboration with Anfisa @hearttoheartcy and photographer Loukia Hadjiyianni.

It was an honor for me working with all these women to share with the world these important messages.

One of the model that participated in the shooting was Seagull Shah whom she share her thoughts on the subject and of her experience.

Body Positivity, a journey

“I had the pleasure to take part in a project about women empowerment & body positivity. All things I love and stand for. I want to share with you the journey of my mental health through it and be real with you always.

This shoot was the first time I released control of the lens and let someone else capture me in all my natural glory. As well as my first shoot with lingerie. This of course scared the shit out of me. Up until the moment we started shooting I was letting my insecurities run wild in my mind. Right before the shoot we shared experiences and our fears. We connected as women and realised how the world makes us fear to be ourselves. No matter size, shape, colour, we are all conditioned to dislike something about ourselves.

Once we started shooting I started letting go of my control of perfection, the thought of being good enough for others. I let myself and body enjoy the moment and fight off the doubts that wanted to creep in. I wanted me to not only represent myself trully as I am in these photos but also all the women (&people in general) that can relate.

Body positivity isn’t a switch you just turn on, it’s a tough journey but so rewarding as you go on.

My body may not be the society’s standard of beauty but it is beautiful and I will love it until the day it decides to it’s time to rest.

I hope this helps anyone who needed it today. I love you and as always I’m here to help you in any way, I can. “

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