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Rebuild the fire / Video

I had the pleasure of presenting my new fall collection in a beautiful yard in Strovolos, in Motel. The collection was based on a music piece by Jon Hopkins with Ram Dass & East Forest.

I heard this piece one day while I was working and I found it so beautiful and calming. I have spent a lot of my summer days at home feeling anxious and struggling for some peace of mind. When I heard this song, I was in a phase that I was trying to find a balance. And this piece gave me some of that peace that I was looking for and I wanted somehow to share it with the world. I think that a lot of people had some struggling days this year and we all need to rebuild our fire, each of us in our own way and pace.

Collection “Rebuild the fire” for FW 21/22

Performers: Styliana Apostolou & Melina Koutsofta

Choreographer: Ellada Laura Chalkides

Lighting design: Eirini Constantinou

Visual Art: Stavroulla Gregoriou

Video by Loukia Hadjiyianni

Music: Sit around the fire – Jon Hopkins with Ram Dass & East Forest

Location: MOTEΛ

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